CS: GO Lobby Issue Fixed With Latest Update

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  After that big Danger Zone update which introduced a new map, some players have been getting some CS: GO lobby issue. Specifically, the game could crash to your desktop and it was pretty annoying. Thankfully, Valve has deployed a fix to these CS: GO lobby issue on Sunday, 5 May, and after installing the update, these crashes should be a thing of the past.

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  For those who haven’t played the game in a while, Valve released a massive Danger Zone update that introduced a new map called Sirocco recently. However, things aren’t perfect at all, with multiple issues including that players could get stuck. Further, there has been a rare occurrence of the bomb (in the normal game) becoming invisible to some players after being planted.

  In a relatively small but important update, Valve has also addressed these issues. Check out the update notes below.


  Fixed a rare case when planted bomb model was invisible for some players.


  Added clip brushes to several areas where players were getting stuck

  Added several physics clips to plug holes where dropped items could get lost

  Added 2nd ladder on opposite side of Lighthouse bridge

  Changed collision on Kasbah grate so grenades will pass through

  Added missing collision to step well stairs model

  Renamed Medina to Town

  Removed floating fish

  Even though CS: GO isn’t perfect and there is a big cheater issue thanks in part to the game being free-to-play, it is great to see Valve jumping in to deliver a weekend update when players are having trouble.

  What do you think about the new Danger Zone map and did you experience any crashes when in a match lobby recently? Let us know in the comment section below.